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The possibility to experience the genuine Africa is excitingly presented by a day trip to Lake Manyara National Park. Groundwater lakes in Lake Manyara, which are nourished by underground springs and rich with animals, make up an unspoilt paradise.

As one of the continent’s top birding locations, the park is also a great spot to observe some of Africa’s most recognizable creatures, including enormous elephants, cape buffalo, and the renowned tree-climbing lions.

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After completing the requisite registration procedures at the Lake Manyara National Park Gate, you will access the park. The morning departure from Nairobi town to Lake Manyara National Park starts at 8:00am. Tanzania’s Lake Manyara is a small freshwater lake. According to reports, it is the “loviest (lake) in Africa.” The alkaline waters of Lake Manyara encompass about 89 square miles (127 square miles), which is part of Lake Manyara National Park (231 km2). Numerous baboons and bird species can be found there, along with herbivores like hippos, impalas, elephants, wildebeests, buffalo, warthogs, and giraffes. The groundwater forest is also home to enormous fig trees and mahogany. You return to Nairobi by car in the late afternoon.

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