The little forest birds start chirping in the morning around 05:30am. You may also hear the African Barn owl before your wake-up call. Breakfast and later, to the tracking point by vehicle or walk to the Uganda wildlife Authority park offices. Following registration and gorilla permit validation, you will then start the morning gorilla safari tour orientation. Conducted by the head guide, in regard to forest etiquette and the gorilla rules while trekking.

Start of Gorilla trekking

Those not in good shape or disabled may take a porter for the gorilla trek. On request, clients have a stretcher service to hoist them through the impenetrable jungle and higher altitudes. Start the trek with a walking stick and your lodge provides a picnic lunch and enough bottled water. Later, embark on an easy or arduous hike into the forest to find the gorillas. The visitors divide in groups of 8 per Mountain gorilla family and a ranger guide, plus two porters start the walk through the forest. Linking up by two-way radio with the advance party of trackers to cut down on the length of the walk. Several stops on the trail enable the more elderly visitors and the slow walkers keep together with the main party.

Mountain gorilla viewing

The gorilla family would then emerge out of the glades of the green forests to reveal the Silver back and the other members of the endangered species of Apes feeding on the ferns, celery and nettles. The gorilla viewing lasts about an hour, supervised by your wildlife authority guide. Tucking away the vegetation gently to enhance good picture opportunities. Observe the gorillas groom and foraging on the forest floor from the time they rise from their night nests. See young gorillas chest drum, play and climb trees for their favorite fruits.

How to behave with the Mountain gorilla family

The silver back may at some point mock charge when he feels tourists are getting close, but the guide will always be on hand to shield you from this aggression. By being submissive and play acting to keep the family calm all should be fine. After the Uganda gorilla flying safari visit, move to a safer distance away from the gorillas to enjoy the bush lunch. Later, the trackers and guides will lead the team back to the waiting vehicles for the trip back to the Safari Lodge arriving for refreshments a bon fire over a chilled drink. Later, dinner and overnight at your Bwindi accommodations. Meal plan: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch and Dinner.

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