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There is undoubtedly no determined end in sight of the COVID-19 pandemic although global efforts to find vaccine(s) and develop guidelines on how to live with COVID-19 have picked momentum.

Is it safe to travel to Kenya amidst the global covid-19 pandemic?
Our answer is YES. Kenya has been listed among the 80 global destinations certified and authorized to use the “World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) “Safe Travel Stamp” after the destination’s adopted the global COVID-19 health and hygiene standardized protocols.

This stamp allows for the recognition of Kenya as a viable holiday safari destination subject to the implementation of the health and safety protocols.

Kenya Covid-19 Travel Requirements as at 9th September 2022.
Click COVID-19_TRAVEL_REQUIREMENTS_9.9.2022 to download Kenya travel protocols which are also accessible online on this link: https://kcaa.or.ke/covid-19/covid-19-travel-requirements

All travelers above the age of 12 years arriving into the country through any point of entry will be required to show proof of either COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test conducted not more than 72 hours before departure.
NB: Vaccination means having received the prescribed doses of specific vaccine latest shot at least fourteen (14) days before arrival (not including the day of vaccination).

Travelers below the age of twelve (12) years shall be exempt from the requirements of a vaccination certificate or Pre departure PCR test.
Any traveler above the age of twelve (12) arriving at any point of entry with no proof of vaccination or a PCR test or those with flu-like symptoms shall be subjected to a rapid antigen test at their own cost of 30 USD. Any person who tests positive on antigen RDT will be subjected to entry PCR test at their own further cost of 50 USD and self-isolate as per MOH guidance on isolation.
Any traveler arriving at any port of entry into Kenya with flu-like symptoms will be required to fill the passenger locator form on the ‘jitenge’ platform: https://ears.health.go.ke/airline_registration/ and to undergo rapid antigen test at own cost regardless of age or vaccination status. If positive on antigen test they will be required to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test own cost.
Passengers traveling out of the country, will be required to abide by the particular travel, health and COVID-19 related requirements of the transit and destination country
Pre-departure RDT or PCR testing may be considered at the discretion of any of the airlines departing from or terminating in Kenya.
All travellers must obtain their visa in advance, online via: www.evisa.go.ke
Link for Jitenge Platform: https://ears.health.go.ke/airline_registration/
KCAA travel protocols: https://kcaa.or.ke/covid-19/covid-19-travel-requirements
Global Haven: https://globalhaven.org/
Kenya E-visa official site: https://evisa.go.ke/
Approved PCR Test Labs: https://kcaa.or.ke/covid-19/approved-pcr-testing-labs
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All travellers (incl. children) must complete a Travellers Surveillance Form, to be submitted within 24 hrs before arrival. Upon submission you will receive a Unique Health Code which will be requested during primary screening.
Fully vaccinated travellers no longer need to take a PCR test and must show a vaccination certificate with QR code upon arrival. Vaccines must have been approved for use by the Republic of Tanzania and the WHO.
Unvaccinated traveller travellers (5yrs and above) are required to take a PCR test taken 72 hrs before arrival into Tanzania.
Travellers who were infected and recovered from COVID 19 shall be required to submit a proof of recovering from the disease obtained from Authorised Medical personnel upon arrival to Tanzania.
All departing travelers must adhere to COVID-19 requirements of their country of destination or conveyance to be used.
List of countries for mandatory rapid test on arrival: https://www.moh.go.tz/storage/app/uploads/public/624/dd0/f91/624dd0f917910528170335.pdf
Travel Surveillance Form: https://afyamsafiri.moh.go.tz/
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All travellers (incl. children) must complete a Travellers Surveillance Form, to be submitted within 24 hrs before arrival. Upon submission you will receive a Unique Health Code which will be requested during primary screening.
Travellers fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine and accompanying certificate including QR code no longer need to provide a PCR test.
Unvaccinated travellers (5yrs and below) are required to take a PCR test taken 72 hrs before arrival into Tanzania
Travellers who were infected and recovered from COVID 19 shall be required to submit a proof of recovering from the disease obtained from Authorised Medical personnel upon arrival to Tanzania.
Presentation of Covid-19 certificate / QR code & health screening.
The cost of a Rapid Antigen test on arrival into Zanzibar is US$25. Travelers are advised to pay for COVID-19 rapid test online to avoid unnecessary queues upon arrival.
Travellers entering Tanzania through Zanzibar with proof of being fully vaccinated using vaccine accepted by RGZ will be exempted from Rapid Antigen Test.
All travellers who arrived through Zanzibar from COVID-19 high risk countries & wish to visit Tanzania mainland within 14 days from the date of arrival will be required to present a -ve Rapid Antigen Test certificate obtained during entry, otherwise they will be subjected to Rapid Antigen Test at Points of Entry.
Travellers testing +ve must isolate for 14 days or until they test -ve (RT-PCR test) & will be under strict surveillance procedures.
All departing travelers must adhere to COVID-19 requirements of their country of destination or conveyance to be used.
Travellers Surveillance Form: https://afyamsafiri.moh.go.tz/
Updated list of countries for Rapid Antigen Test & accepted COVID 19 vaccines: https://www.moh.go.tz/index.php
Book a COVID-19 test and certificate here: https://zanzibarcovidtesting.co.tz/
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Fully vaccinated travellers no longer require a test prior to travel
Unvaccinated travellers require a PCR test no more than 72 hours prior to departure
Children 5 yrs. & under are exempt from testing and vaccination requirements
Following an announcement by the Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs on 14 October’21, all travellers must apply for a visa online before travel.
Presentation of COVID-19 vaccination / -ve certificate & health screening.
Curfew: 19:00 – 05:30 (those travelling on flights during these hrs. can travel to the airport upon presentation of a valid ticket).
Local Travel restrictions in place. Excludes Tourism as long as they are UTB / AUTO registered.
Unvaccinated travellers must have a COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72hrs of travel (72hrs begins on the day the sample is collected for testing). Children <3yrs exempt if travelling with -vely certified parents. You MUST indicate “Travel” as the purpose of the test.
Uganda COVID-19 Response Information Hub: https://covid19.gou.go.ug/
Ministry of Health Website: https://www.health.go.ug/
Uganda E-visa website: https://www.visas.immigration.go.ug/
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All land borders re-opened on 07 March 2022 and travellers are subject to random COVID-19 testing
Arriving passengers into Kigali Intl. Airport must present a -ve rapid test taken within 72 hrs prior to first departure except accompanied children under 5 yrs.
All Travellers must complete a Passenger Locator Form before arrival into Rwanda. This generates a Unique Health Code (UHC) which you must present on arrival. Note: only submittable within 72 hrs of departure.
COVID-19 -ve certificate as outlined, UHC form and complete a Health Surveillance form.
All travellers arriving by air will be required to take a rapid test on arrival at a cost of 5,000 FRW or 5 USD.
All tourists over 5yrs visiting the country’s National Parks must present a -ve Covid-19 test result taken within 24hrs of arrival. A PCR test is required for those visiting primates at Volcanoes, Nyungwe & Gishwati-Mukura NP. Rapid Antigen test is required for those visiting Akagera NP and all other activities.
Update on Rwanda

All arriving travellers are required to take a rapid test taken within 72 hours of travel
All arriving travellers are required to take a rapid test on arrival at a cost of FRW 5,000 / USD 5.
Travellers 5yrs+ must present a COVID -ve PCR or Rapid Test certificate taken within 72hrs pre-departure (allow 48hrs for results). Passengers should book & pay for their test 2 days prior to departure.

Passenger Locator Form | Information for all Passengers arriving into Rwanda | COVID-19 Test & Results: https://www.rbc.gov.rw/index.php?id=745
Passenger arrival / Departure details: https://www.rbc.gov.rw/fileadmin/user_upload/annoucement/Info%20note%20for%20passengers%20arriving%20in%20Rwanda.pdf
Passenger Locator Form: https://travels.rbc.gov.rw/travel/index.php
Book Covid test: https://travels.rbc.gov.rw/travel/index.php
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Natural World Kenya Safaris has adopted tourism and hospitality protocols on health and safety to mitigate the effects of the disruptions caused by the corona virus disease and taken responsibility of ensuring that destination Kenya is safe for tourism business.

Protocols for Natural World offices & staff:
Our frontline workers – office staff and safari guides have gotten Covid-19 vaccines
We have provided approved facemasks, hand sanitizers/hand washing facility with running water and soap at the entrance and at other strategic locations in the premises which are hygienically operated.
We have provided contactless thermometer for body temperature check at the entrance for both staff and visitors.
Have documented Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for guest Management line with these protocols and MOH Covid-19 preventive guidelines as appropriate.
We have created and will maintain a register of all staff & drivers.
All staff have been instructed to wash or sanitize hands their before and immediately after entering the work premises, after changing into uniforms, after using lockers and frequently while on shift, particularly after touching items or surfaces.
All our staff offices have provision for adequate ventilation and maximized via wide openable windows.
We have provided visible notices / signages and other sensitization information at the strategic locations/entrance on Covid-19 preventive measures, screening, frequent hand washing and sanitization and mandatory wearing of face masks.
We have a Guest/visitors register shall be kept and updated daily and include mobile contact & physical address for ease in contact tracing.
We have Integrated technologies to enable automation, such as online, mobile payment and discouraged cash payments.
Our wide office doors shall be left/wedged open to reduce surface touching or porters/security shall be deployed to open doors to limit their touching of surfaces.
We have provided separate waste bins in each office and at strategic locations and appropriate method for collection and storage of used PPEs to ensure hygienic waste disposal with minimum contact.
We have a documented list of emergency contacts, reporting system and evacuation procedures for any arising health related incidents at our offices.
We have developed office staff work schedules and shifts and provided the option of working from home for some of our staff.
All our public facilities (kitchen, washrooms, lobby/lounge etc) shall adhere to social distancing, frequent cleaning and disinfection and provided with adequate supply of hand washing and sanitizing facilities. Staff have been trained on the same.
We have developed cleaning procedures with appropriate disinfectants/sanitizers focusing on guest’s body, luggage, travel documents and high-frequency touch points/surfaces.
Office gadgets/equipment headsets, personal computers, desks, telephones are dedicated to one staff member.
Guest/visitors register shall be kept and updated daily and should include mobile contact & physical address for ease in tracing. Whenever possible, minimize walk-in clients and encourage online bookings.
We will maintain records of sanitized areas/surfaces, detergents used and personnel involved in cleaning and sanitization process.
Protocols for airport transfers, excursions & safari operations:
We will ensure that all our safari transfer vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized during and after each trip/ transfer.
We will Provide packed lunches for long drive to avoid unnecessary stop-overs.
We shall ensure drivers and guides use suitable communication gadgets for vehicles carrying more than 7 passengers to communicate with guest to avoid turning or shouting to enable them to be heard by guests.
We will maintain a register of clients transported or who have interacted with the tour guides.
We shall ensure our safari / transfer vehicles are sanitized before the start of each trip and this will include cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces (handrails, door handles, seats etc.) at regular times in the course of trip.
Particular attention shall be given to luggage disinfection before and after handling.
We shall encourage open windows when weather permits, to allow air circulation in all our safari and transfer vehicles.
We will limit the number of staff accompanying guests in every trip – only one driver guide per vehicle.
We shall ensure information provided (like tourist map) is stuck on the back of the chairs of the vehicle to minimize contact.
Only the driver guide will be permitted to open doors for the clients to minimize touching contaminated surfaces where applicable. The driver shall sanitize the doors before and after opening/closing.
We will endeavor to educate office staff, driver guides and customers about their shared responsibility to help protect each other in a Covid-19 environment.
Maintain appropriate and reliable list of emergency contacts for rapid assistance in case of health and safety related instances. This list will be stuck in each of our safari/transfer vehicles.
We will educate and encourage our guests to minimize /avoid paying using cash at restaurants, curio shops e.t.c. Onlline, Mobile payment or credit/debit cards encouraged.
Disposable approved & quality facemasks and sanitizers shall be made available in the vehicle for use at all times.
Our drivers shall not be allowed to make stopover at any other place apart from the prearranged designated point or areas.
All our vehicles shall carry a capacity that ensures social distancing between guests travelling together. Land cruisers and similar vehicles the carrying capacity shall not exceed 7 passengers.
Natural World Kenya Safaris will only choose partners that are confirmed to comply with existing Government directives for the safe handling of their guests. This includes but is not limited to hotels, airlines, boats e.t.c.
Binoculars and cameras shall not to be shared and shall be sanitized regularly.
Families, tour groups and couples shall be allocated to a specific vehicle and a guide for the duration of their stay to minimize exposure to other guests and guides.
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